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All the products are manufactured in 3 blocks and 8 dedicated product lines. There are 70 reactors, sizes varying from 10 liters to 10,000 liters capacity. GL reactors, SS reactors, hydrogenators and utilities like chilling plant, boiler, generator, etc are available. We can carry out all types of chemical reactions and use catalysts like Palladium Carbon, Raney Nickel etc. Have thermic fluid heating and High Vacuum Distillation facility.

Pressure reactions up to 10 kg are possible. Chilling temperatures up to 15°C is available. We handled CRAMS reactions from -60°C to 280°C. Dedicated workers and qualified supervisory staff take care of the manufacturing at all the stages. Maintenance dept makes sure of the process equipment and the utilities are in good condition and free of break downs. The production areas are provided with Air handling units (AHU) to ensure the quality of the air. Products are manufactured in c GMP conditions.

CRAMS Custom Research and Manufacturing Services

We also undertake CRAMS (Custom Research and Manufacturing Services). Multinational Companies looking to outsource products and services regard Vamsi Labs as a valuable partner. Tie-up with Vamsi Labs gives the customer competitive edge through faster product development and optimum costs. The customer gains with reproducible, innovative solutions to synthetic chemistry problems.
Custom synthesis at Vamsi Labs is tailored to meet the customer needs at laboratory trials and commercial scale-up. Vamsi Labs Ltd. offers its comprehensive services along with a promise of quality and consistency. These are made available at a speed and cost that are mutually beneficial.

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Generally most of the Antiasthma products are used in micronized form. In some inhalers the particle size is a very critical parameter. We have own facility to micronise the products inside the premises. Lot of effort is put into this section to meet various particle size distributions (PSD) as required by the customers. Malvern Mastersizer 2000 is used to test the PSD.